Evaluation of Time Loading Influence on Asphalt Pavement Rutting

Brief Introduction

Pavement preservation is a major consideration of owners and managers of streets, highways, parking lots and all types of pavements.

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Full Description

The rutting of asphalt pavement structures during their exploitation is considered to be one of the main problems in Lithuania, as well as in the entire world. This kind of pavement distress makes a negative impact to the exploitation characteristics of the asphalt pavement, to the residual life of pavement structure, also to the safety and quality of the traffic. The main purpose of this analysis is to define the resistance to rutting of various kinds of pavement structures and to assess the variation of rut depth in dependence on the traffic loading (number of equivalent standard axel loads – ESAL‘s). The analysis is performed and is still continued at the road of experimental pavement structures, where 27 different pavement structures were installed. The statistical analysis of the rut depth let to define the most precise criterion for the assessment of every kind of pavement – meridian.